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What's New, Pussycat?

What's New, Pussycat?

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Martin's Passage: Stand.
Well, this has been awhile. Let's catch up in brief:

San Francisco was amazing. Sunil is wonderful, the ocean is wonderful, my clone is wonderful, and STEPHEN KING ACKNOWLEDGED MY EXISTENCE.

I got promoted at work starting in December! It cannot. come. quickly. enough... As a special project at work, I am editing repair manuals for sofas and chairs. I am proud to say that I took out the segment in our leather care guide that implied that, like soylent green, my company's sofas were made out of people.

And probably most importantly, the question for the class. This is the latest development facing my father, a thirty-year veteran and second-in-command to a corrupt police chief here in Wisconsin. Further reading on this blog, for those interested, will give you my mother's statement on MP3 to the city council, because every underling to this chief is under a muzzling ordinance, and further information. Speaking as someone close to those involved and who has seen this department for most of the same thirty years my father has been there...because The Internets Are Very Smart:

Any help and suggestion you can give in helping expose this to enough outcry that something is done would be wonderful. Currently, I'm doing everything from trying to contact People magazine to get them to take a human interest, to working our legal and media contacts locally and throughout Wisconsin. What is being done to my father is the tip of the iceberg, and it stems from him daring to support the work of a veteran investigator who followed the law and was himself punished for it because it exposed the bad behavior of the local city employees and city council, over the corrupt chief of police and mayor who worked to suppress a sexual-harassment case among city officials.

Something will happen in time, and I have every faith that we will see movement sometime...but in the meanwhile, my father is a lifelong smoker whose prior problems I have detailed here before, not in the best of health. He has been repeatedly in the hospital from the stress of this, and has lost twenty pounds in this month alone, atop having my family's livelihood and his pension threatened. As a friend said to me this week, you don't get the time back that you lose once it's gone. Since August, my family has been living under the specter of these affairs -- the witness-tampering, the pressure to ignore sexual harassment as 'just a joke' rather than follow the procedure under the law, the driving out of good employees in an already understaffed department and the unspoken 'shut up or be targeted next' atmosphere, professionality traded for paranoid persecution.

I realize this is one-sided of me, but hey, it's my blog, and I am happy to elaborate some if needed. And I figure you deserve an explanation for where I've been. Answer: Fighting The Man.
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