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ace angelmars
It may be noticed that I no longer post in this lj much, although I do use it to make the odd comment. It's struck me that many people here don't even really know me, and some of the lack of posting is genuinely because I sort of feel like this journal is more a space to watch others and comment to other people than to express myself and what's going on in my life.

I'm still keeping this journal up, heaven knows, as this is really still a kind of 'home', and it's where I conveniently have many awesome people whose ljs I still want to read. But at this point, I'm partitioning some things off. You'll still see my usual infrequent public update, and I'm still commenting a lot from this LJ.

Fiction writing goes to angryghosts, my not-abused-enough writing-thought journal.
My new 'personal stuff that only friends care about' lj is evilstmars.

The above two are friends-only, and if you want to add me, I will probably entertain you much more in those two places than here, unless you live for me to comment to you. This journal is NOT closed; I'm just moving around to find my comfort zone as things change.
  • Well, I do find your posts interesting, even though we don't really know each other.
    • You're welcome to migrate over? I just feel a little bit too large for this space alone right now.
  • May I ask to be added on evilstmars?
  • *makes with the big, sad, please add me eyes for evilstmars*
  • *Hugs tight.* I don't even have to ask, I hope? :D
  • Add me.


    Or not. Cuz Pogs cry when sad and this would be one v sad Pog.



    (Wench sounds better than Marsupial or Marsonian or Marsilicious, but it can be swapped for any of those.)
  • I would certainly like to see how you're doing! :)
  • *adds evilstmars*
  • following the mice.. *scampers off to the other journals to see what gems she has missed*
  • *pouts* friends only.. hrmph.. have we ever managed to meet in person yet? I believe I was out of the state when you came to cali. :(
    Would love to read your writing, especially anything martin's passage related, though I understand if it doesn't happen that you feel comfortable adding me.
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